Tuesday, February 11, 2020

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

History - Essay Example These men were busy planning new governments after they won the Civil War. The South was busy planning a new government which was based on slavery, while the North was creating new laws banning slavery. Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were too busy running their respective governments to go into battle. Davis wanted to be a general and had military experience, but was elected to be President of the Confederacy. Diplomatic relations depended on the foreign nations that backed the respective sides. Both sides used politics and diplomacy to further their war plans. The North was better prepared for war than the South. Northern cities had paved roads, industrial strength, and urbanized cities. The ports and railroad connected the North with precious supplies. Northern life worked for the war cause. The South only had plantations and farming. When the North started burning crops, houses, and anything that could be used in the South, many Southerner civilians and soldiers began to starve. Unio n soldiers captured were also starved due to a lack of supplies. Women on both sides had to take up positions left by men that were at the fronts. Women and children lost their men on both sides. This was the bloodiest war and many men were killed. Slaves were forced into battle or made to starve with their owners. Life was not pleasant. Bibliography Volo, Dorothy Denneen and James M. Volo. Daily Life in Civil War America.

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